Limited Menu 

We are excitedly working on our brand new menu, to be launched this fall.
For now, we have condensed our regular menu, featuring your favourites!



X Indicates half price, daily, 4:00-6:30pm


Traditional Buttermilk Chicken Wings

1 lb. fresh buttermilk wings, hand breaded and
served with your choice of sauce: Mild, Hot,
Sweet Chili, Barbecue  15.95


Spinach & Artichoke Dip

A hot & spicy bowl of fresh spinach, artichokes
and cream cheese, topped with mozzarella,
served with housemade bread  13.95


X Gourmet Garlic Fingers

Housemade garlic fingers with roasted garlic butter & mozzarella cheese, served with housemade donair sauce, topped with applewood bacon  12.95


X Calamari

5-Spiced calamari with sweet & spicy kimchi
mayo and green onions  11.95 


Brie Bites

Panko breaded Brie cheese fried till golden brown and melty, served with a smoked tomato chutney and sweet balsamic glaze  12.95


X Nachos Grandes

Red onion, diced tomato, black olives, sweet &
banana peppers, mozzarella and cheddar  16.95
Add chicken  4.95; Add beef  4.95
Add pulled pork  4.95


X Home-Cut Potato Skins

Topped with mozzarella, bacon and green onions, served with sour cream  11.95 


X Perogies

Cheddar and potato stuffed perogies,
with a sweet chili sour cream  10.50 



Add to your salad:
Blackened or regular chicken breast  4.95 ;
calamari  4.95


Niche Salad

Mixed greens, seasonal fruit, crumbled goat
cheese & walnuts with housemade blood orange
& shallot dressing  15.95


Smoked Caesar Salad

A different take on the classic... romaine lettuce
dressed with a smoked caesar dressing and
grana padano cheese, with applewood smoked bacon and house croutons   14.95





Sandwiches are served on fresh artisan loaf,
with fresh home-cut fries


Substitute fries with:
Sweet potato fries, Poutine, Onion Rings,
Half Niche Salad or Side Caesar Salad   add 3.95


Traditional Club

Shaved chicked breast, tomato, bacon and lettuce with home-cut fries  13.95


Guacamole Chicken Wrap

Sliced, grilled chicken breast with guacamole,
chipotle mayo, arugula and grilled tomato  15.95



6-hour braised pulled pork, paired with grilled ham and melting mozzarella, housemade pickles and Dijon mustard, pressed like a Panini  16.95





11" Housemade  Dough
Gluten-free Available


Chorizo & Red Onion
Roasted tomato & garlic sauce, spicy chorizo
sausage & red onion, topped with mozzarella and thyme-lemon crema drizzled over arugula 16.95


Fresh tomato sauce, bocconcini, fresh basil 15.95


Prosciutto and Grilled Apple
Crispy prosciutto, lightly grilled apple, goat cheese, mozzarella, bechamel sauce, balsamic drizzle 16.95



Burgers are served with fresh home-cut fries
Gluten-free available

Substitute fries with:
Sweet potato fries, Poutine, Onion Rings,
Half Niche Salad or Side Caesar ;  add 3.95


Niche Burger

Grilled hand-formed beef burger with cheddar,
chipotle mayo, grilled tomato, arugula
and bacon  15.95


Tipsy Wilbur

Grilled hand-formed burger, spicy tomato and beer
bacon jam, jalapeno aioli, arugula, cheddar cheese
and fried shallots on a classic burger bun  15.95


Niche Coast Burger

Hand breaded chicken thigh with maple sriracha
aioli and housemade spicy pickle coleslaw  15.95


Beyond Meat Burger

5 oz plant based, gluten & gmo free patty
with arugula and edamame hummus, cucumber
and grilled red onion  17.95


Apple-Bacon Burger

Hand formed beef burger, caramelized apples,
bacon and blue cheese crema, with arugula and
roasted garlic aioli  16.95



Feature Presentations


Chicken Tenders & fries

Seasoned and lightly breaded chicken breast with home-cut fries and and sweet & sour dipping sauce  12.95


Keith's IPA Braised Chicked Quesadillas

Tender chicken braised in beer, baked with chipotle, melted mixed cheeses, peppers, Spanish and green onions  13.95


Bacon Mac & Cheese

With melted mixed cheese in a bechamel sauce, topped with more cheese, baked with a panko crust, served with grilled bread and side caesar salad  16.95


Fish & Chips

Fresh haddock served with home-cut fries  14.95


Sambal & Lemon Panfried Haddock

Fresh haddock with sambal & lemon marinade,
ginger-bacon fried rice and fresh peas  16.95




Sunday :  Closed



Monday :  4pm - Close  | Food - 10pm


Tuesday :  4pm - Close  | Food - 10pm


Wednesday :  4pm - Close  | Food - 10pm




Thursday :  4pm - 12am  | Food - 10pm


Friday :  4pm - 12am  | Food - 11pm


Saturday :  4pm - 12am | Food - 11pm





Salter at Barrington

Maritime Centre

Halifax, Nova Scotia



Phone: 902-423-6632





Chris Denham

George Eleftheros


Bhreagh Houston

Lori Jardine

Taryn Fudge



Chef - Johnny Dykeman

Sous Chef - Benjamin Ridgley





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